Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joe Versus the Volcano - 05/12/12 - Psalm 61-62, 64-67

Take a good look at God's wonders— they'll take your breath away."(Psalm 66:5)  

For the past few nights, He has been showing off with His lunar moon.  What a beauty!  We got in from working until dark the other night and there it was - hanging in the sky - so bright it seemed more like early morning dawn. 

Living in this hollow is nice and cozy, but I do miss the view of looking out and beyond.  Tonight His moon could be seen from our back yard.  Instead of going directly in to shower, I sat on a bench in the garden and was completely taken in by His beauty. 

He took my breath away. 

It reminded me of something I wrote in 2006:

Did you see it? For the past two nights - the moon?

Last night it came out big, orange and moved so gracefully over the sky. Alone, the house completely dark, I was drawn to my window - just to sit there and gaze in amazement.

What a Father.
To put something up there, so far away, so controlled, so dang gone bright.

And then it began.......


What a Father.


What a Father.

What a Father.
And then - Prayers

What a Father.
My heart just opened up, under the spell (no not of the moon) of Him. I sat there unable to pry my eyes off that ole moon. I can see how some could worship that giant piece of rock. I can't understand it. How can you look and not see. Someone so much bigger and brighter and in total control. The one who made that moon.

What a Father.
And I thought about in the movie "Joe Versus the Volcano", when he is on a raft in the ocean and the moon comes up and it almost covers the whole sky, being so big. I thought about how much I would like to witness something like that. I thought about that is how I feel about my Father. I desire to have Him become bigger in my "sky" of life, to completely cover it all. To be so big I can not see anything else but Him.

And I realized, He can. Only if I allow Him to.

What a Daddy.

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