Thursday, June 21, 2012

Footprints - 05/13/12 - Psalm 68-70, 86, 101

"Blessed be the Lord— day after day He carries "me" along.
He's "my" Savior, "my" God, oh yes!
He's God-for-"me", He's God-who-saves-"me". (Psalm 68:19-23)

One of the things I love to do with His Word is personalize it.  To take the you's and us and make them me and mine.  Because that is what His word is - my own personal love letter from Him.  From my Daddy.

His Word has so transformed my heart and vision.  For the most part, I am able to recognize and relish in the fruits of the Spirit.  How thankful I am that most of my days are good days.  That even when there are worldly problems He has enabled me to see that He is bigger and in control. 

How very thankful I am that no longer do I feel weary.  I am so grateful that He carries me -- day after day.  I am not on this journey alone.  Nor am I the one in charge.  It has been such a burden lifted to hand my whole life over to Him.  To not be in charge of my relationships, our home, our business, of anything!  I am just a steward for what is His. 

He has helped me to see that life isn't about the physical labors - it's about the spiritual battle.  In the whole scheme of things - stuff doesn't matter.  Do I want to leave a legacy of stuff, jobs well done or a line up of souls I have touched for Him. 

The souls win hands down!

He has helped my focus to look into the eyes of the people I pass in the streets.  To see past their plastered on smiles and fake laughter into a heart that is lost.  I was once in that place - the place of hell.  I am so thankful that He has transformed my heart into one that wants to gather all I see to Him. 

So they can know:

"Blessed be the Lord—
day after day He carries "me" along.
He's "my" Savior, "my" God, oh yes!
He's God-for-"me", He's God-who-saves-"me".

So they too can personalize their love letter from Him.

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