Monday, February 09, 2015

"He Is" - 02/09/15 - Exodus 29

I'll make Aaron and his sons holy in order to serve me as priests.

I'll move in and live with the Israelites.

I'll be their God.

They'll realize that I am their God who brought them out of the land of Egypt
so that I could live with them.

I am God, your God. (44-46)

I love living on the other side of the Covenant.  Knowing I am secure in the Ultimate Sacrifice.
Jesus Christ - my Savior. 

And even though my heart grieves knowing He had to be sacrificed because of sin, my sins, there are times when I take Him for granted.  When I do not "take my shoes off on Holy Ground". 

When I decide my way is more important than that of my ABBA and allow it to supersede my life.  When I know there are sin issues in my heart and instead of eradicating them from within/throughout, I instead walk or talk my own way in life.
When I know the Holy Spirit is convicting me of sin and I turn a deaf ear or blind eye.
When I hang onto the security of my comfort zone, instead of stepping out in faith where He is trying to lead me.

I love living "in" Christ.  Knowing the Holy Spirit is within me.  The Creator of all lives within me.  Within all who have accepted Christ as their Savior. 

When you stop and think about that fact, does it just blow your mind??  It should. 

God lives within His. 

And yet, there are times when I take the things I have brought along on "our" journey out of Egypt and put them before me as my god. 
There are times when my thoughts, my mouth, my actions, are not a reflection of Him. 

I love knowing I am not alone.
I love knowing He is my Helper. 
I love knowing "in" Christ I am covered by His grace and mercy.  By His forgiveness.
I love how His living within me is conforming me with the desire to rid myself of that which is not of Him.  Why?  Because each and every moment I find myself falling more and more in love with Him. 

That is all He wants.  After everything He has done.  Because He loves us so.
Is to be our God.
Your God.

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