Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"One Day" - 02/11/15 - Exodus 33-35

"God continued, "But you may not see My face. No one can see Me and live." God said, "Look, here is a place right beside Me. Put yourself on this rock. When My Glory passes by, I'll put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with My hand until I've passed by.              

Then I'll take My hand away and you'll see My back. But you won't see My face." (33:20-23)

All today these verses have struck my heart.  What an ABBA we have.  One who loves us so.  One who created us to be with Him.  One who desires - desires with all He is - to be with us. 

I think about how it was in the garden with Adam and Eve.  They spent time together with God.  Face to face.  Adam and Eve were without sin.  Until the apple...........

I think about how it had to have broken our ABBA's heart.  Not being able to be together face to face any longer.  Knowing if they were, they would die because He is Holy. 

Even though we have cell phones, are able to Skype, not sharing face to face time, when Adam lived away from here,   Nichalas and Amber are living in Phoenix,  it brings about a physical pain at times.  Even knowing they are happy, ABBA is using them where they are planted, as life continues on here without them, there are so many moments I wish were being shared together. 

Just an inkling of how our ABBA yearns to be with us face to face. 

But because of sin.  Because of sin He gave us His Son.  Because of sin, He gave us The Holy Spirit as our companion and Helper.  Because of sin, He gave us The Word as our own Personal Love Letter.

I think about this conversation between He and Moses and am pretty sure He wanted more than anything to have face to face time with Him. 

I think about how He shines through His family here on this earth and how He loves us through them.  I think about how I can see Him in the faces of those who live life with and for Him. 
And my heart smiles.

I think about how there aren't any words to adequately describe how
it will be one day in Heaven where we will be sharing eternity with Him.  Face to face.

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