Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Legacy For and In Him" - 02/25/15 - Numbers 3-4

"anointed priests ordained to serve as priests."(3:3)

My heart is heavy.  It has been for a number of weeks.  My dear sister and friend learned of her mom being full of cancer.  They were told their time together here on this earth would probably not go beyond the months of this coming summer.  It breaks my heart knowing at this moment her family is gathered about her as she is readying to leave and go Home.  Home to her ABBA.

I have met her mom off and on throughout the years, but never knew her more than casually.  But I do know her daughter and her family personally and through them I am one of many who has been touched by the woman of God that she is. 

I pray you hear this - through them, I have been touched by the legacy of God this woman has left for her children. 

I love how our ABBA works.  How He touches so many lives through ours.  Even when we haven't a clue who.  or how.  He is always at work.  Yearning.  Desiring. For all to come to Him.  It is why we are to be His Disciples.  Going forth and leading others to Him.  So they may become Disciples too.

Because she choose to live her life for ABBA.  Because she choose to love Him more than anyone or anything.  Because of her choice - I have been touched by ABBA through those she was given to care for.  To raise up.  To nurture.  To make Disciples.  Her child.  Her daughter. My sister.  My friend.

In Christ.  Who is our High Priest.  We too are made Holy.  We too are now a royal priesthood.

This morning her granddaughter, whom I also call sister and friend, shared some moments spent with her grandmother last night.  I pray you will draw inspiration from this woman of God.  I pray you will be touched by her legacy and strive to leave His legacy behind wherever it is our ABBA has you step.

"Made it up safely. Got to say hello to my grandma. She was on three doses of morphine and did perk up after I grabbed her hand, kissed her cheek and told her it was me. She said I love you Julie. you should hear what was said for her goodbye when she was coherent earlier.... Wish I would have made it in time for that.. She had the children come in and spoke to them, then spouses and gave them instructions on how to take care of her kids. Then had grandkids in, and she gave words of wisdom. She then recited Psalms 23, and asked that the family sing amazing grace... In parts! ( that's where my music comes from). Oh how she loves our Heavenly Father !! He will be so happy to have her home , but she will be missed! She is resting. And I will be too soon. Hope she rallies one more time so I can get some of those words of wisdom! Love you ladies!"

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