Monday, March 16, 2015

"Pain" - 02/26/15 - Numbers 5-6

"All the days of his separation to the Lord he shall not go near to a dead person. He shall not make himself unclean(6:6-7)

Throughout the reading today I am reading of being in contact with a dead person makes you unclean and it suddenly hit me.

How much our ABBA abhors death.
It wasn't part of His plan.
He never created man with the intention of them dying.

I have been chewing on this all day. For those who are "in" Him, He has given us a gift through death of eternity with Him. He helped me realize death is the end of any chance for those who do not accept Him - to do so.
It is the end for those outside of Him.
How much this has to tear His heart.
How much He must hate death more than we do.

He doesn't want anyone to die without Him.


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