Thursday, March 26, 2015

"THE KING is My KING" - 03/26/15 - Joshua 12-15

"And these are the kings of the land that Joshua and the People of Israel defeated" (12:7)
"but I stuck to my guns, totally with God, my God" (14:8)
"And the land had rest from war." (14:15)

How we appoint "kings" in our life without realizing it. 
We are giving them power to rule us, at times it is in fear, doing things our way, doubt.  Whenever we do this, we have then appointed them or it to be king over our lives. 
How many "kings" have you appointed?

And why? 

Why do these "kings"  rule over you?

I have been transferring the power these "kings" have to rule over me, to God. 

My Abba. 

My Daddy. 


He rules in love, no double standards. 

He desires what is best for me and is pruning and ridding my life of garbage or rather "kings".

Garbage which is the result of being in the toxic relationship of the "kings" I am allowing to have power in my life. 

Healthy boundaries can only be set if I have stuck to my guns.  If I have fortified myself "in" Him.  If I am meditating on His Word day and night.  If I am totally focused on Him.

He is using the "kings" I am discarding for His Glory.  He has defeated them.

In only a way He is able to do - He provides rest from war - even while in the middle of a spiritual battle zone.  He has been and is preparing me for future Divine Appointments.  The experiences of life that He has brought me through are preparing me for life to come.  I am excited as I recognize He has/is equipping me in a war I have already won because I have appointed Him my KING! 

My KING of Kings.

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