Monday, March 16, 2015

"The Scent of Him" - 03/08/15 - Numbers 31-32

"you can be sure that your sin will track you down." 32:33)

Growing up around coon hounds, I know that once they are on a scent, they don't get off. When they tree a coon, they'll stay at the bottom of the tree until they are told to move off.

What a warning God gave us. It could be very scary, without hope, if I did not reside in Christ. Sin is a dark, evil place. I do not want to be alone when being tracked by sin. And I am being tracked. The more I grow in Him, the more satan wants me to be destroyed.

There's another thing about tracking. Sometimes, something or someone will "scatter the scent" and the dogs are not able to track - they lose the scent. That is what my Christ does for me. He comes behind me and covers over my tracks. He laid down His life to cover my tracks - all so that sin can not track me. I know we are in spiritual warfare. I see sin all about me. Each day I fight to resist leaving tracks for sin. I know that I can not do it alone. This is yet another reason I am so thankful I have Him.

The runaway slaves - without the underground railroad, they would have run without destination, without places to stop, hide, rest, as the hounds came after them. God's plan is much like the underground railroad which was well organized, loyal members, gathering in and making disciples, saving lives. And often they were Christians.

Until I am in Heaven, sin will be tracking me, trying to entrap me.
I am running in His underground railroad.
I am helping others to escape through it too.
I rest in the assurance that He is "scattering my scent".

Knowing that sin will run right on past me as I hide in Him.


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