Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Living By His Standards" - 02/22/15 - Leviticus 24-25

"And no double standards: the same rule goes for foreigners and natives. I am God, your God.” (24:17)

It used to be that when I was offended, I felt it was due to being disrespected. 

God has been opening my eyes to truth and in the process; I discovered it wasn't about disrespect at all.  It was the double standards.  Often times it seems the world believes what is okay for one, isn't okay for another.  I used to have a fear of standing up for myself.  Lately though,  I have begun thinking, "what is the worst thing to happen if I do?". 

I am recognizing that people, who set their living on double standards, tend to be bullies.  Since I hate confrontation, I make an easy target.  Then the passive aggressive side of me shows itself in my words of malice, conversations of revenge to self.  Bitterness and anger begin to flow in and my heart becomes hardened. 

This way of living was weighing me down.  I felt as though I was being buried alive.  It was separating me from God.  It isn't that I am set on revenge; I leave that up to God.  It is about standing up for truth, for walking in His ways, of not allowing me to be a scapegoat anymore.  He has given me His strength in saying, "enough".  I love this quote I read the other day, "critique only becomes criticism if you fear other people by craving their approval or fearing their rejection. But living in light of gospel truth means you know that your most devastating evaluation has already been made: You have fallen short of God’s glory in every way possible. But you still get “two thumbs up” because of Christ’s righteousness. That frees you from the sting of falling short in the judgment of a fellow creature."

Curt and I were discussing how someone you are looking at stands outside of Christ, may well be looking at you the same way.  How do you know who is standing in truth? 

By our fruits. 

Who in their fruits is allowing Christ to shine?  Who is being a light for Him? 

I was allowing the double standards of the world to dim my light.  I was bringing fungus into my heart and it was hardening towards those who I was offended by.  I did not love them as Christ does.  I was looking at them through my "self" and not feeling sorrow for where they are, or are not, in God. 

“Order the People of Israel to bring you virgin olive oil for light so that the lamps may be kept burning continually." (24:1)

I was causing God sorrow in allowing my "self" to run out of "virgin olive oil" because I was filling it with my own oil. 

I was living my life in double standards by not living by His Word.

I was living as it was okay for me not to be Christ like towards a person - even towards God.  But, oh how wrong for anyone to treat me as such. 

Who do I think I am - god????

That is exactly where I was putting myself.  I was putting "self" before Him.  I was running out of oil.  I am so blessed and thankful that He has opened my eyes to Truth.  That He has held me accountable and through His Word my heart is transforming to be more like His.  I am also so thankful when He "trims and prunes" me to be more like Him. 

That He doesn't rule with double standards. 

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