Friday, August 14, 2015

"He's Got This, That, and Everything" - 08/14/15 - Jeremiah 30-31

God told them, "I've never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love! (31:3)

What a great reminder this beautiful Friday (and every other day)!

Yesterday while mowing on our last job, my mower made a horrific sound and just stopped.  When I got off to look, I could see a hole in the side of the motor along with a crack on top and oil running everywhere.  It appeared a rod had been thrown.  Even though Curt does monthly maintenance in changing the oil and filter, this motor decided to end its days with only 1500 hours under its belt.  And after the warranty had expired.

We towed it over and loaded it up using our other mower and I then continued on finishing up the job.  Curt made a phone call to our local dealer and lined up the purchase for a new one this morning. 

Curt said it seems we work harder and then just as we are getting ahead, another major set back.  I am trying to find the blessings amongst the frustration.

It was a blessing it happened on our last job.  We have two mowers and I could finish up the job.  It happened on a Thursday and we are able to be up and running today instead of Monday our heaviest mowing day.  We are able to write this very large check for a needed piece of equipment and not make a trip to the bank for a loan.  Or sell off a member of our family. To recognize this is our ABBA's business and He can handle the inflation of four thousand dollars since the last purchase.  The reality of all is it is out of our hands, so why not put it into His.

Of knowing this will pass and all will go back to routine. 

There are times when life is thrown a loop.  When what we have planned out, just doesn't happen.  Or ABBA changes up our path in getting there.  For what ever reason.  Only He is able to see the whole paradigm.  Only He knows what is ahead and being His Beloved, He has laid out the best plan for me. 

I have to have faith. 

satan wants nothing more than for me to focus on the things which bring us down,  causing us to doubt.  To tear our eyes off our ABBA and become consumed by the worry.  To miss out on the blessings ABBA rains down upon us as we walk through this world. 

If I had of allowed myself to be consumed by this new turn of events in the business, it would have prevented me from enjoying a wonderful evening with Curt, Adam and Ashley.  We ate at the annual dinner First Farm Credit puts on, a game of free put-put and then watching the guys play ball. If I allow myself, I could let all the rains of life ruin the parade of living He has placed me in.

There is so much more to this life. 

All the moments of  "sitting on pins and needles" is such a waste of time. How often am I this way in my living life  becoming  anxious about the unknown outcomes, the "what if's", and take my focus off of Him? Of His being in complete and total control? How many moments do I waste, instead of enjoying the moment which only comes once? 

I mean - really - all we need to know is His reminder, over and over, in His Word -
"God told them, "I've never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!"

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