Monday, August 10, 2015

"Nothing Compares" - 08/09/15 - Jeremiah 10-13

All this is nothing compared to you, O God. You're wondrously great, famously great.(10:6)

There are times when I pick up doubt.

  One of those times has involved Blog Through The Word.

Some time ago I
 That's a pretty good word.
Attacked in regard to my writings. The attack caused me to pick up doubt. I began to wonder if I was wasting time. If perhaps the words flung at me were truth, if I should stop.

And then my laptop started to act up. Was this a sign? There have been  times when I have written and everything will freeze up. Or the computer will  refresh all on its own and the words typed are no more. There are times when it only "acts up" when writing on this page and otherwise is running in top form.

I love how "wondrously great" our ABBA is. How He knows me intimately inside and out. How He knows exactly what was needed for me to drop "doubt" and turn away from the attack.

How He has transformed my heart into seeing through His eyes (most times) and not taking some words personal (most times). How He uses others in His family to  reaffirm I am glorifying Him, not only about this fb page, but other areas in my journey of life when I pick up "doubt". The words of affirmation have come face to face, through notes, through words of other persons which have gotten back to me. I do struggle with the approval of others, but not as much as I used to.  I am now more often listening for His Words speaking through them. 

I love knowing He is greater than any obstacle satan will use to try and trip me up or stop me as "I go and make disciples" in my daily walk.  No matter what "tool" I am using.
I love how all things are used for His Glory - even my attempt of sharing my passion to lead people to be in His Word daily.
Without any doubt, I am so humbled to be used by Him.

In any which way, what or how.

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