Monday, August 24, 2015

"Only A Truck" - 08/23/14 - Jeremiah 51-52

He burned the Temple of God to the ground, went on to the royal palace, and then finished off the city. He burned the whole place down. (52:13)

I was thinking the other day about how hard my man works. All of his life, it has been hard physical labor. As far as material wealth, nothing was pretty much in our cup when we started our journey together. We are both blown away today at how much our ABBA has blessed us. We still work hard, but the reasons have changed. 
Everything we have is His.

 Nowadays we throw in the towel if overcome due to the heat or exhaustion. I know just a few years ago we would have sweltered through. But it seems now we call it a day and pick up tomorrow (or whenever) where we left off. ABBA has brought to our attention no matter how hard you work for stuff - everything depreciates. All about the landscapes are many vacant homes, rusted out vehicles. Graveyards full of bodies. Bodies that are but dust and the stuff that is in the caskets, rotted away.

 Each time I get into my truck I am reminded of the day I was standing at the back of it in our driveway, checking to see if all we needed was there for the work day ahead. Curt was loading up the tractor and mower onto the trailer attached to his truck. In only a matter of seconds the truck brake didn't hold and everything started to roll back down our drive. Rapidly picking up speed, because our drive is really a hill. Curt jumped off the tractor, over the side of the trailer, ran up and climbed into the cab.  He didn't make it in time before it slammed into the front of my truck, pushing it down the drive as well.

As I came towards him, he was tearing himself down with the angry words flowing from his mouth. He finally heard me say, "It was an accident. Thank The Lord, no one was hurt or killed". Our eyes were opened to how much our lives could have changed in that moment. How easily he could have slipped or tripped jumping over the rails of the trailer onto the drive.  How easily he could have been run over, pinned in, killed.

It is only a truck.

ABBA has transformed our hearts into working for Him rather than the world. To opening our eyes to the fact - this is His business.  We are his workers.

 It is only a truck.

In a way only He could do, when we become less in working for Him, we are filled up completely. With Him. Much as He did as a cloud in the Temple.

But when you are working for self or stuff - the void is never filled.

It is only a truck.

I ask you - what are you working hard for?

The harder you work at this empty life, the less you are.(51:58)

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