Sunday, November 08, 2015

"At Home In His Love" - 11/08/15 - John 14-17

"I've loved you the way My Father has loved Me. Make yourselves at home in My Love.(15:9)

Yesterday we were honored with celebrating at two different birthday parties.  Fred and Abigail, our miracle twins, had just recently turned the "Big 1".  Walking into the church Annex, we saw members of His Family scattered about.  Each of us connected to these little ones through The Blood of our Savior, celebrating how He answered the many, many prayers lifted up regarding this precious little family.  There wasn't any hesitation in the gifts of love, acceptance, laughter, and joy from my siblings.  I felt so at ease - so at "home" in His Love through them. 
Later while sitting, watching Charlie and Ashley open up their presents in the celebration of their births, I looked about and thanked our ABBA for this wonderful family we have entered into through the gift of Adam's Ashley.  Blessed by the connection which runs deeper than anything the world can offer.  The connection of our ABBA.  To partake of the gift of being with them and feel at "home" in His Love through them. 
On another night, darkness had surrounded our home as we sat around our small table, empty plates pushed back, elbows on the table, leaning in towards the other, conversation from the hearts flowed about me.  One of our "kids" had joined us for our evening meal and we were playing "catch up".
There have been moments I have been standing at the kitchen counter, preparing food for our meal when another of our "kids" will walk behind me and open up the fridge.  Knowing he is at "home", he takes out the lunch meats, cheeses, condiments.  Knowing which cabinets to go to for the plate, glass, utensil, bread, in the making of "just a sandwich to tide me over".
Our Adam when living here a few years ago, saving money to buy his first home and then while gutting, renovating, preparing it to move into.  And now there are times when it is filled with the noise, laughter, and sometimes crying, of little ones making memories and feeling at "home".  Nichalas and Amber, when back, staying in "their" room. 

Most every Wednesday night and one night every other week, His family settles in and we study His Word.  I love they too know which cupboards to find a needed dish, cup, or glass and feel at "home" to get them.  

This place.  This temporary "home" He has placed us in before we are in our eternal Home with Him.  He has taken this shell of boards, drywall, floorings, furnishing and filled it with His Love.  Using it for others to feel at "home" in.  Even when persons aren't here, the memories of voices continue to fill it.  How many treasures I have stored in my heart from the persons He has brought within these walls. 

 And almost always, each one feels  and makes themselves completely "at home" here in His Love. 

It is a place where one is able to be themselves, accepted and loved unconditionally.  He uses us to encourage, hold accountable, grow, and listen to many who walk through these doors.

He has also given me the gift of feeling completely "at home" when I go before Him.

No matter where I am, what I am doing, I always feel "at home" in His Love.  I know, without doubt, I am able to crawl up into His lap at any moment and He is always eager to receive me.  I know, without doubt, He desires to be with me.

He desires this from all of us.

He desires, with everything He is, for each of us to feel completely "at home" in His Love with Him.  He wants us to cast aside all pretense, all fear, all doubt, and "be" with Him.

I know this, without doubt, because He gave up His only Begotten Son, so I can be "at home" in Him one day for eternity in His Love. 

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