Sunday, November 01, 2015

"Continually Striving" - 11/01/15 - Matthew 22, Mark 12

"Jesus said, “‘Love The Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’
This is the most important, the first on any list.
But there is a second to set alongside it:
‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’
These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them.”  (Matthew 22:37-40)

Even though there have been a few mornings of a heavy frost,  I am amazed some of the flowers are still looking beautiful.  When working outside I am thankful for the sunshine to help counteract the cold temps, as well as the coveralls, boots, mittens, long unders. I am also thankful in how He gives me the needed "wardrobe" for my heart, soul, and mind, each day when going out into the world.

Or even when spending the day with just "self".
Sometimes what my "self" says, thinks, and does, is more damaging than the world and satan.
There are many moments "self" is my worst enemy.

 I have been praying for the past few years for ABBA to break my heart for what breaks His.
And He is.
 In this heart transformation, I have come to realize the way I sometimes view, talk to myself is a sin. There are things I have said or thought about me, I would never be towards another.

"He who gets wisdom loves his own soul;
He who keeps understanding will find good." (Proverbs 19:8)

This one of the keys.
 He instructs us to love our neighbors as ourselves and  I realized I didn't love "me".
If I didn't love "me", then however was I able to love others? 

The many ways  in which I was putting myself down, caused me to also cut down others, who had traits reminding me of what I hated about myself.  Slowly I am striving to learn through Him the joy and gift of loving "me" - as He loves "me". Not in a self-righteous, conceited, manner - but in wonderment.  By loving "me" as He loves "me" I have fallen into His arms of security and love. 
He is  my "I AM".

It is what He thinks, desires, commands, of me - not others - which matters.   He opened the eyes of my heart to see life isn't about "me", it is a spiritual battle.  Being His vessel in living for Him, it will and does bring on attacks from the enemy, which I strive not take to personal for they are in reality directed towards my ABBA.    I am secure under His umbrella of protection. 

Whenever I find myself cutting down, hating, the one He made in His image - "me", His Word confirms, through the total package I am looking at, He has produced many blessings.  From being a Light for Him, as a wife, our children, our "family", The Holy Spirit equips me to live and work for Him.

He is transforming "my" distorted vision through His wisdom - He leads my heart to "find good" in "me". 

Continually I strive to "Keeps understanding" by constantly consuming His personal love letter to "me" so I too may be as the flowers withstanding the frost. Their beauty continuing to shine on until their time to expire, despite the environment they are planted in. This isn't a prayer just for "me". It is for all to know one of the "keys", opening the door to the eternal beauty of intimacy "in" Him.

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