Tuesday, March 19, 2013

‎"Neighbors" - 02/25/13 - Leviticus 25:24-26:46

“I’ll set up my residence in your neighborhood; I won’t avoid or shun you; I’ll stroll through your streets. I’ll be your God; you’ll be my people. I am God, your personal God who rescued you from Egypt so that you would no longer be slaves to the Egyptians. I ripped off the harness of your slavery so that you can move about freely. (25:11-13)

We must have walked over 10 miles today, exploring this area Nichalas and Amber now call home. 

Phoenix, Arizona. 

1479 miles from us.

Adam - Liverpool, NY

963 miles in the other direction from us.

I am so very thankful that we live in an age of automobiles, airplanes, cell phones and Skype.  It helps a little (stress "a little") to ease not being able to physically be together more often. 

What I am most thankful for though, is that our Daddy lives everywhere - at once.  There is not one single place He isn't.  Not one. 

Knowing, as Curt and I walked around the neighborhood, that our Daddy lives here, caused so many emotions to run through my heart.  Happiness that He is not only our neighbor, but lives in our home as well.  That no matter where we are planted, we are surrounded by siblings.  We are never alone - even in a new place. 


It is so wonderful that Nichalas has his Amber, but it causes me a sadness when I think about Adam being alone in Liverpool.  That he didn't have someone to share new adventures with, little spells of homesickness, being alone on holidays when he could not be home.  God replaced that sadness with peace by leading Adam to a church with siblings who have adopted him and welcomed him not only into their homes, but their hearts as well.  Nichalas and Amber are blessed with a wonderful church and are getting to know their new found siblings.

I so love that our Daddy is there to welcome us always.  Never will He see us coming and run the other way or pretend He doesn't see us.  He wants us to feel at home in this temporary place.  He wants us to have security and safety knowing that He is here.  He has promised to meet our needs.  That way we won't have to concentrate on where we belong, but on Him and what He has planted us here to do. 

Knowing that He is "strolling through our neighborhoods" tells me that He isn't eager to leave.  He wants to be there or here with us.  He desires to be with us. 

It is such a freedom knowing that none of us have to worry about where He plants us.  He is already there as our welcoming committee.  This makes me look forward in excitement to what He has in store for me every day.  Where will I be that I see signs of Him?  Will one of the persons I meet and smile at turn out to be a sibling?  Will we more than just pass by each other or has He decided we are to share life together.  What neighbors does He have lined up for me to walk with this or all seasons. 

I think about Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  He always had a welcome mat out for all who came by.  Much like our Daddy does.  He wants us to experience life with Him and our siblings.  He has ripped off the yokes of slavery so that we can move and grow in Him anywhere.

Isn't that exciting! 

He lives in our neighborhood
               no matter the address!

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