Wednesday, March 20, 2013

‎"Wallowing" - 03/01/13 - Numbers 6:1-27, 10:1-36

 “Also, for the duration of the consecration to God, you must not go near a corpse." (6:6)

I am consecrated for my whole life - unless I chose to go near the corpse of sin. 

It is my choice  where I walk. 

Even though sin will pop up, I am protected by the blood of Christ. 

God has given me an escape no matter the temptation - it is my choice to run away from it or stop and entertain sin in my life. 

I think about our dog, Neko, who used to drag up the carcass of dead animals he would find in the woods.  He absolutely loved to wallow in the stench and decay.  Covering himself with the filth and scent.  It took everything I had to get him away from it. 

Consecrated.  What goes into my mind is what is in my heart. 

It is my choice to put into it His Truth or the world. 

He is my Helper to protect me from the attacks of sin in the spiritual warfare.  As long as I follow His lead, I remain outside of sin.  Unfortunately, I have/do/will mess up.  I will stop to wallow in the stench and decay, just as Neko did.  Even though He has covered me with His blood, making me Holy, He did not remove my free choice.  It is me that moves outside of the covenant.  He doesn't kick me out, turn away from me. 

It is me who goes to the carcass of sin. 

In a way that I can not comprehend, His love for me covers the times I turn away only to return to Him.  His arms are always open in forgiveness, grace and mercy upon receiving my repenting heart. 

It amazes me that through Christ I am a sweet smell to Him, even when I have wallowed in sin.  How only His blood makes me as white as snow. 

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