Friday, May 31, 2013

"Fan or Follower" - 04/21/13 - 2 Samuel 3:6-4:12

Everyone at the funeral took notice—and liked what they saw.  (3:36)


Things people say at funerals, sometimes, I just shake my head in bewilderment. 

“They look so good!”  And Curt would say, “Good?  They’re dead!!”

In the spiritual warfare, I have a funeral every moment - of self. 
Each and every second I am fighting to satisfy what I want, rather than His way.  My mind battles to be focused on “Good and pure thoughts”,  We are watched all the time by someone.  At times we are aware, but then there are times we find out later, unknown, someone was watching.  Do people seeing the transformation God has done with me, the dying to self, do they like what they see.  Do they see God in me? 

Am I a fan or a follower?

In growing more and more intimate with Him, I find that being a “follower” will cause division.  There will be some that will attack the way you are now “marching”, because it isn’t their way.  As of late, I am finding that creating healthy boundaries is part of becoming a follower.  My reaction to evil is revulsion and to depart from it.  Thankfully, in transforming my heart, I do not consider it an insult when someone attacks my “Christianity”.  As long as I am able to back my actions, my words, my heart on His Word, I know I am a follower. 

There were so many in Scripture, who were divided because they were a follower.  Abba tells us it isn’t only with strangers we will become divided from, but also those who are close to us.  Some of whom we call family. 

As a follower, what are my fruits?  Am I responding to the attacks with love, truth, kindness, gentleness or anger, self-righteousness, lies, haughty eyes?   Is my heart broken because of the division or am I focused on revenge? 

At the funeral to self, does my Abba like what He sees?

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