Friday, May 03, 2013

"Set up to Topple" - 04/10/13 - 1 Samuel 4:12-8:22

"they were shocked to find Dagon toppled from his place, flat on his face before the Chest of God."  (5:3) 

How often we are shocked when we see that God is Bigger.  Stronger. 

How often is He taken for granted, doubted? 

And He shows us continuously He is "I AM".

How often do we feel we are not strong, smart, good, connected - enough.  How often do we judge God against our own measuring stick.  How often do we think we are above Him and in trying to put us above Him, we only topple. 

Flat on our face? 

Before the chest of God.

The many gods I try and put before Him - they always topple.  They aren't equipped to be God.  I am reminded in scripture how ridiculous it is when we take an inanimate object, or ourselves,  making them into god.  When we take a log and use part of it for burning and the other part we bow down to.   Designs carved into it by our own hands. 

Actually, it is more than ridiculous, it is just plain stupid. 

The times when I try and do things my way, my time, all about me.  Thinking that I am in control, that I am on top of it all, and then..........I topple. 

Insisting on clinging to the things He has instructed me to be rid of.  My pride, sense of entitlement, bitterness, evil thoughts, not forgiving, heart set on revenge.  Things that become my god and I topple from the weight of them. 

It is so stupid  to continually try to carry this burden and not hand it over to Him.  To not trust and have faith  He will take care of me.  His way, even when it doesn't seem to make sense, is the best and right way.  I am reminded again that in my trying to dictate life, I am feeding the monster of self. 

I am getting in the way of Him.

I am being stupid. 

So - having the comfort of knowing He has transformed my heart over past issues, I still fight the daily fight of not picking up the new pieces of garbage which become a burden.  Becoming a part of my heart.  Dimming the shine that He is transmitting through me to others. 

I am again getting in the way of letting others see Him through me.

I am being stupid. 

I am setting myself up to topple. 

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