Saturday, May 04, 2013

"Shower" - 04/16/13 - I Samuel 22:1- 23:12, Psalm 57, 142, 52, I Chronicles 12:8-18

"Your people will form a circle around me
    and you’ll bring me showers of blessing!” (Psalms 142:7)

Our phone rang early this morning.

My dear friend is again in the hospital.  Depression is her enemy, which we are praying she will be released from.  I have faith that God does and will move mountains.

I have seen Him do so in my life.

All my life, I too, have fought the evil giant named Depression.  Through hours of therapy and meds, I am finally able to live a "normal" life.  There are certain "exercises" I have to do when I feel the fingers of depression grabbing at me, trying to pull me down.  Thankfully, my Curt is here to support and encourage me.  He knows the signs and acts upon them.  He doesn't bully, shame, or guilt me, but he does love, encourage, and stand by me. 

If I had my way, I would never leave my home.  I am very content to stay here and never have to get out and interact with people.  I am a true introvert - married to an extrovert.  How I love that God put us together and we balance each other out!  Curt knows when I need to get out and about people.  He is here to tell me that he can see signs of my becoming focused on "self" and how to change my focus.  Be it getting out in public, working in the yard, cooking, having people over.  He will suggest and I follow his lead.  Because I trust him.

Since I was out of high school, I have had the tools of therapy and meds.  For the past 31 years, I have had my helpmate in Curt.  These were helping me to cope, but not to rise above the depression.  Every day was a battle to climb out of the deep pit it put me into.  Through my growth "in" Him, He had me see that I needed to add the most powerful tool I could obtain. 

His Word. 

Not just a study here and there, church on Sundays, but each and every single day.  I needed to get into His Word and put it into my heart.  It is the weapon that wraps everything up and causes the meds, therapy to conquer.  I am so thankful that He has had these meds created, but they weren't working on their own.  Through His Word, He has also given me the blessing of belonging to His family.  

For the past five years, we have met almost every Wednesday night for a Bible Study.  These persons,  and others in His family, have become ones who have " formed a circle around me", living life with me.   Through His Word and His family, I am able to put my foot on the head of Depression, my upturned face being covered with " showers of blessing" drinking Him in!  The blessings that come from Depression lifting, feeling  young, free, and most of all - alive!  How His Showers save and revive me.

This is my prayer for my friend. 

I pray that she will take the tools and weapons He has given her and she will use them.  So many times, in our relationship, I feel like I am leading her to the Living Waters and she is choosing not to drink.  His time, His way.  Yet, my heart breaks in knowing the darkness she is living in.  Having been there, I so, so want her to be free of that. 

I am thankful He is having His family "form a circle around her". 

I am praying that she will lift up her face to receive His "showers of blessings".

Drinking Him in.

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