Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"Sayin it like it is" - 04/02/14 - Judges 8-9

"They were men much like you," they said, "each one like a king's son."(8:18)

Often, in a time of insecurity,  I put myself up on a pedestal, "like a king's daughter".  You know, to help deceive me into believing I am better than someone (self-righteous), not as much of a sinner (denial - a sin is a sin), or using this false sense of security to overcome attacks (defensive).  He has time after time knocked my feet out from under me, onto my knees, so I am able to look up (instead of down my nose) at Him.  He continually "reworks" me into a Christlike person and for all of this I am so thankful. 

Really!  The less of me = the more of Him = beyond wonderful, way of living life.   Living life under "The King" and not my own idea of "a king"

And how much I love our ABBA's sense of humor.  The way He has about putting me in my right place.  Or telling it like it is, when I am not seeing things as they are.

Yesterday, we completed job #1 of our spring cleanup.  After weed eating for more than a couple hours straight, mowing and other yard work, I was feeling the back pain last night.  I was also feeling my age.  After showering, I decided to let the hair go natural in exchange for a much needed rest on the couch.  When I looked into the mirror this am, I regretted that decision (particularly when I remembered we have church tonight).  I was feeling really well physically, amazed at what a good night rest and a few Ibuprofen can do.  Yep, feeling so good physically was causing me to think I didn't look quite my age - regardless of the hair.

Our landline has been on the fritz for about a month now.  It has a short in it and the tech has been here more than once trying to find it.  So - here I am this morning.  In my gown with a t-shirt over it (looks like a skirt and top - thank the Lord my pasty white legs are shaved - I know TMI), no makeup, with the wild hair thing going on.  Guess who is ringing our doorbell!  While answering the door, I pretended Andy (yes, by now we are on a first name basis) wouldn't notice.  Avoiding mirrors has given me the gift of believing almost anything! 

Upon his recommendation during his last visit, we had purchased new phones and the old ones were still on the countertop.  I struggled with this as the old phones seemed fine.  After rechecking, disconnecting all unused jacks, new phones he is hoping the problem is fixed.  Standing there by our old phones he said, "Yeah, that is a really old phone.  Really old.  It looks like something we had when I was growing up". 

My reply was something about, "why replace something when it isn't broken".  My mind though was on a totally different circuit.  However could he say that!  Indicating we were old enough to have "really" old phones.  Yes, he was young enough to be my son, but I surely didn't look old enough! 

We are so used to seeing ourselves in the mirror every day, we don't see the aging going on.  How often I find myself seeing someone from years ago and think, "wow they've aged" and at the same time believing I haven't.  Sin works the same way.  When we are living in it daily, we become tolerant of it.  We set ourselves above God's Word, thinking we are untouchable. 

In reality, sin will consume us - just as the years are aging us. 

That is why it is essential to look into His Word, His Mirror, for the real picture of ourselves.

To ensure we truly are "each one, like The King's son or daughter."

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