Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"The Gideon in me" - 04/01/14 - Judges 6-7

It isn't just Gideon, it is me too.  And you.  It is all of us.

How often do we throw back at ABBA - "If"?

There isn't any doubt within myself regarding Jesus.  I believe with all I am He came into this world, became human, lived amongst the world, giving us the example the example we need to be Warriors for ABBA. I believe with all I am He was raised upon The Cross as The Ultimate Sacrifice for all sin. I believe with all I am He rose from the grave - He is Alive! I believe with all I am, My Savior, Jesus, overcame death and now resides with my ABBA in Heaven. I believe with all I am - He has saved me. I believe with all I am The Holy Spirit resides within me. I believe with all I am His Word is a personal love letter from Him.


Yet, how often is "if" in my reaction to Him? He instructs me not to worry and yet I do. He promises me He is in total control, yet there are times I doubt. He has assured me through His Word, throughout history He is in total control and all is for His Glory, yet how often do I believe my time, my way is better?


Just like Gideon, after all the amazing miracles ABBA preformed for and through him, he still threw up, "if". It baffles me how I am completely, without any hesitation, believing He is my Savior, yet I, in the next step, wonder "if". In reflection of my life, I see over and over the times He was and is there, and yet I sometimes cling to the "if".

Why is it I am able to have complete faith in the "big" things, yet not the day to day "small things". There is nothing more important than the salvation of my soul, yet I find the other things are what causes me to "if".

Or do the "Doubting Thomas".

There isn't a need for me to see the nail holes for me to believe He is the Savior of my soul - so why do I doubt, at times, He is The Savior for the day to day stuff of life.............


Pamela said...

I wish I knew. Guess to get stronger we need to lift waits. Wait on the Lord. Wait to rush to a conclusion. Wait to comment until you have time to reason. Wait on his answer. Waits are hard but make us stronger. It is hard to draw the line between waiting on him and what we are expected to do to work WITH him. We don't want to just assume that we should sit back and everything will take care of itself..Yet God told them just to love him and he would take care of it all. They had to go into battle, but when they did, he delivered them...that line...I think that is our "if"

deby said...

Love this Pamela!!! lifting "waits"~