Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Focusing On the Bright Lights of Life" - 09/24/15 - Nehemiah 1-5

"So I went up the valley in the dark continuing"(2:15)

Last night our Bible Study group finished up the last video from the Harris III Shattered study.  Take some time and watch this  His other four videos are free to watch as well. 

We listened as he spoke about faith versus fear. 

I have been chewing on his message and recognizing patterns in which I allow fear to seep in and paralyze me.  hinder me.  hold me back.  I am allowing fear to keep me from being whom He created me to be. 
There are times when I seem to be bombarded with memories from the dark valley. My ABBA has given  me strength and courage through so many avenues.  I have learned  I "need" to focus on Him so I may continue on.  

His Words come over the radio from numerous Christian artist, from praise songs in worship.  His Words I hear and tuck down deep from reading, from sermons and from His family in whom He has surrounded me with.  His colors in the turning crops against the beautiful sky remind me He designed and created beauty in all.  He gives me His Words in my heart to remind me, "I am His Beloved". 

It has become a need to continually be focused on His face.  For only then am I able to see the many "bright lights" He rains down upon me to brighten my path - not the fears.  Fears when focused on  I begin to  believe are bigger than my ABBA. 

There was a night when there wasn't much time left to watch Adam's football game after going to the grocery store.  I debated going on home.  It was out of my hands when coming to the stoplight, I found myself turning right and heading for the game.  Parking at the top of the hill, I could see the players in the field below as they fought for the ball.  

I could see sitting on the bleachers between them and me were parts of my heart.  

With the lights illuminating their outlines, I knew He was shinning down upon them too, pointing out to me, telling me, "these people are part of the many blessings I rain down upon you".  Two bright eyes shinning in delight, her smile hidden by her binky, her little body bound up in such excitement, squirming to get down, her little legs pumping as fast as they could around the bleachers to where I was at.  

There at the end of that day was my little friend.  Nora.   

No matter how much time has passed, Nora is always over the top excited to see me.  The last time was at the guys soccer game.  When she saw me she stopped, pointed at me, and exclaimed over and over, "Deby's here".   

Whenever I witness the excitement in her seeing me, I know I am tasting just a bit of Heaven.  Nora is just a taste of how much my ABBA delights in me.  in all of us.  The bright spot in our valleys.  The Light to guide us through.  We have only to keep our focus on Him, walking in our faith.  Not looking elsewhere, stumbling about on the pathway of fear. 

This is just like my ABBA.  Just like my Savior.  Just like The Holy Spirit.  Just like His Word. 

Always, always there - bringing delighted Light into darkness. 

My heart sings out, "God, God-of-Heaven, The Great and Awesome God, loyal to His covenant and faithful to those who love Him and obey His commands(1:5)     

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