Wednesday, September 09, 2015

"Yes, He Did!" - 09/09/15 - Ezekiel 40-41

"God touched me and brought me here."(40:1)

Don't you love knowing nothing is by chance. 
Don't you love looking back and being able to see God touching your life,
bringing you to where you are today? 
Don't you love seeing how He is using you for His Glory? 
Don't you love His loving you so much, He touches you? 
Brings you closer to Him?


It isn't love when there isn't touch or the right type of touch.  It all becomes cold and meaningless. Study after study shows an infant needs nurturing touch to survive. It is said that the touching of the top of your head is one of the most fulfilling touches we can receive.


To think The Creator of everything takes time, makes the effort, comes close enough - to touch you.

And not only touch, but to bring you to where He needs you to be - for your best interest.

I love He made me a nurturing mommy with our sons.  I love it is normal to still hold the hand, touch the arm, hug, run my fingers through the hair, of my grown sons.  I love that touch between us is pure and Godly, just a taste of what being touched by our ABBA is to us. 

Doesn't it make you marvel in how He created us? 

That we need, desire touch.  Time after time in Scripture, we see where "touch" was an essential part of The Ministry of Christ.  Our ABBA's  Awesomeness continually takes my breath away.  He could have easily made us without any senses.  Without any emotions. 

How thankful I am to know His touch. 

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