Thursday, September 03, 2015

"From Within" - 09/03/15 - Ezekiel 24-26

"But your sins will eat away at you from within" (Ezekiel 24:23)

If you were to take a walk in our woods, you would see them.  Buried by previous owners of the property, their ugliness lays there in the beauty of His nature.  Did you know, unless its shape is broken down, a buried tire will continually work its way back up to the surface?  Just as sin within us.  Unless it is broken apart by the power of our Savior, it will continually work its way to the surface of "you".  

I love the saying, "just because you sit in a pew doesn't make you a Christian anymore than sitting in a garage makes you a car".

What we have inside our hearts will always come out.   It is seen in our expressions, the  lines and wrinkles formed upon the face we wear.  Your eyes, the window to your soul, are either filled with The Gifts of the Spirit or hardened, pained, full of sorrow, bitterness, anger. 

When you look at people, their "fruits" are a reflection of what is within their hearts.  Some persons are easy to read, wearing their hearts on their sleeve.   Others bury them deep and pretend that life is a bowl of cherries.  And some persons, call themselves "Christians", but their hearts belong to self/satan. 

What you are inside will eventually overtake your life - your whole being.
It always will.

Just like the old tire.  

There is such hope in knowing, even though my heart still struggles with sinning, it's different now.  Before I didn't care if I hurt God.  Now, the Holy Spirit and His Word convicts me.  My "Christian family" holds me accountable.  All of these elements help me to grow - to walk away from sin.  Thankfully, I am growing and some things that used to tempt me, no longer do.  That doesn't mean that self/satan aren't right there throwing other sins in my path.  We are to put on His Armor each day to fight the spiritual battle raging about us.

Truth - it always, always, prevails.  You can try and bury it, deny it, twist it around- yet it always comes out.   

It is my choice what to put into my heart, my life. 
His Truth will set you free - we are no longer a slave to sin.

There are not enough words to describe the freedom in knowing I am free from the cancer of sin eating away at me from the inside out. 
He lives within me. 

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