Thursday, November 03, 2016

"His Greatest Treasures" - 11/03/16 - Mark 13

"As He walked away from the Temple, one of His disciples said, "Teacher, look at that stonework! Those buildings!"  Jesus said, "You're impressed by this grandiose architecture? There's not a stone in the whole works that is not going to end up in a heap of rubble."(13:1-2)

We are blessed to be living in a small city with such beautiful examples of architecture.  There are times I will just pull over in the car, looking in amazement, blown away by the craftsmanship put into these buildings, built without the modern day equipment.  So many hands have craved out intricate details which have lasted for many generations.

And one day - all will be just "a heap of rubble".

When ABBA created me, amongst many loves He gave me is a love for art.  Love for architecture, not only in buildings, but in His Greatest Masterpiece's. 

 I am constantly amazed at the beauty He made each one of us to be.  The different colors, textures, expressions, muscle tone.  How genes are carried through families enabling us to catch a glimpse of another in one.  The marvel of every living thing and person beginning with a small seed and egg.  The way He made the whole of our bodies and how all is packaged in a working order within.  Each part designed to work together.  Each part has its own role.  And all of us are made of the same "ingredients", yet no two are identical. In all of the millions of people, He never runs out of a different combination. 

It would be so easy to get caught up into the grandiose of the world.  This isn't what He has designed us to become "caught up" in.  It is our ABBA we are to be impressed with.  It is people, made in His image, we are to invest our time, gifts, talents with and into.  "As we are living, going and making Disciples for Him."

Even though I marvel at the abilities many are given in their gifts, all credit is due to our ABBA.  Without His administering the gifts and talents, none of us would have any abilities.  All we have been entrusted with is to be used for His glory, not our own.

Most importantly, the most precious treasure He entrusts us with isn't things.  It is people.

We are now in the season of grandchildren.  Not only with Charlie and Ella, but with all of our "kids" who now have little ones of their own.  How much we are blessed in how they are sharing their treasures with us.  These bundles of joy are delighting us so while bringing a freshness in this season of life.  I sit and marvel at our ABBA's design of beauty in each and every one of them.  
What a miracle they - we - all are.  All of us, created the same way.  
Often I sit and marvel at all whom He has surrounded me with to share this journey and the blessings raining down upon me.  I pray I will continue to be His vessel, using my gifts and talents to help bring others closer to Him. I pray I do not lose sight of what precious treasures He has entrusted me with to share the seasons of life with. 
To not take for granted His greatest treasures I am so "impressed" with.  
Made in His image.  All people. 
I pray His wonderment shall always take my breath away. 

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