Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Oh, How He Loves" - Luke 23, John 18-19


"When they got to Jesus, they saw that He was already dead, so they didn’t break His legs.
  One of the soldiers stabbed Him in the side with his spear. Blood and water gushed out."
(John 19:34)

Even in death. 
They still continued to torture His body. 

Each year, when I knew I was coming to the day of reading of His Crucifixion, I would cringe inside.  I used to wrestle with guilt, shame, being uncomfortable.  It was because I know, my sins, are part of the reason He was Crucified. 
I have felt Him transform my heart.  
Now when reading of His Crucifixion, I am overcome with the blessings of His forgiveness.  of His grace.  of His mercy.  Tears come as my heart is overwhelmed by this act of True Love.
Christ didn't go to The Cross as an act of being able to hold the Crucifixion over our heads. 
He didn't do it as a "trump card", forcing us to do as He bid. 

He willingly was Crucified because of LOVE.
No other reason. 

It was the only way for us to be with His ABBA. 

He willingly went to The Cross because He was doing what His ABBA needed Him to do.

To be the ultimate sacrifice for all of our sins.

I continually pray I will never take His Words recording His ultimate sacrifice for granted.  I continually pray when I recognize where ABBA had to turn His back on our Savior, His Son, my heart will continue to weep.  As a mom, I can only imagine the pain ABBA and Christ were going through. 


He wants us to lay down at The Cross our sins. 
He didn't die so we will continually carry them with us, a constant reminder of what He put to Death. He doesn't want us to continually wear the cloak of shame.  Eat from the plate of doubt.  Drink from the goblet of guilt.   
On the day we fall to our knees before Him, His arms are stretched out wide, accepting us, as we were and are.  That day when we give our life to Him, His blood runs down over us as we are bowed before Him, cleansing us, purifying us, making us Holy and Pure.  Claiming each one of us as 'His Beloved'.
It is our free choice to live life in the freedom of Him. It is our free choice to take the escapes He provides when sin presents itself in our path. It is our free choice to lay down our sins, open our arms wide, and receive Him into our heart, our life, our soul - our all.  To make Him our utmost and upmost priority. 

It is our free choice to accept His gift of LOVE and with each step, become more and more like Him.  To live and love as He has and does.  To accept His gift of grace, mercy, forgiveness and extend it to others.

It is our free choice to not continually torture Him by saying His Ultimate Sacrifice wasn't enough for us - 'His Beloved'.

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