Sunday, November 13, 2016

"His Hand Chosen Family" - 11/13/16 - Acts 1-3

"the ones He had chosen through The Holy Spirit"(1:2)

As I sat and listened to the sermon this morning teaching about the members of 'His Family', my heart smiled as names and faces went through my mind.  My heart smiled knowing I belong.  I love and am loved by my precious 'siblings'.  Our connection, our bond, our center of our relationship is our ABBA.  Our Christ.  The Holy Spirit.  His Word.  The Blood bond of our Savior.

I want nothing more than to be used by ABBA.  To be His vessel.  To introduce others to Him and help grow 'His Family'.  To help them grow in their intimate relationship in Him.  I desire to celebrate life with my 'siblings'. 
There is something special that happens when joining a small group of 'siblings' to study and grow in His Word.  Myself and others have developed many a strong rooted relationship through the different groups we were involved with throughout the years.    
Seven years ago Curt and I prayed about beginning a Bible Study group in our home.  Our ABBA brought together 'siblings' to meet every Wednesday night and the building of "ABBA's Family" began.  Although part of the original group has "multiplied" into other groups, all who have passed through our doors have become more than an acquaintance.  

As with every group, there are some you start out knowing fairly well and others just a bit.  But after a time, you begin to share a strong love, building up a complete trust and loyalty between each other.  You begin to share not only your hearts and lives, but also your souls.  You find each 'sibling' has an essential part in building and holding each other up.  "We" begin to do life together.

Our ABBA is the only reason these groups work.  He has chosen each one of us to be a part of each others lives.  I love when we see the urgency and reach out for others to know and belong to 'His Family'.

It leaves me breathless when thinking how our ABBA knew the mix of 'siblings' He was putting together and how strong the bonds would grow.  I watch in wonderment as He uses each of us for His Glory and I rejoice that my life is a part of this "mix". 
I love knowing He knew before the creation of the world the 'siblings' I would need and placed our steps together. 

 "You, O God, know every one of us inside and out.(1:24)

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