Friday, November 25, 2016

"I Am Full" - 11/25/16- I Thessalonians 1-3

"We are bound to thank God always for you."(1:3)

Curt and I were standing at the counter, peeling 20 pounds of potatoes for the Holtschlag noon meal, when the phone rang.  His voice came through the miles to my ear, "Happy Christmas".  I grinned as I replied back, "Merry Birthday".

Our Nichalas.  Beginning our Thanksgiving Day with his silliness.  I kept the conversation light, knowing beneath the silly banter we were both wishing the day ahead included being together.  I am so thankful our ABBA had a wonderful family who would be opening up their home to these two parts of my heart.  It eases my heart knowing Nichalas and Amber would be making memories around a table of those who loved them, while distance separates us.

Walking down the hallway to put away a clean dish, the door from the garage opened and there they stood.  Four parts of my heart.

Our Adam, Ashley, Charlie, and Ella.

Bright eyes, little voices calling out, "Grandma Deby", full run on hugs from the two of them. 
I am so thankful our ABBA has blessed me with the gift of them living here. 

After stuffing myself full, I stood at the kitchen sink washing dishes while listening to the conversations flowing about me.  Having one on one moments with a member of family as they came by to catch up.  Memories being tucked into my heart. 

After yet another meal, we sat around the kitchen table playing Mexican Dominos.  Girls against the boys.  I watched my two great nephews interact, my eyes blinking back tears, as they brought back memories of Adam and Nichalas being the same age.  I thanked our ABBA for blessing me with the role of mom. 

As I lay in bed drifting off to sleep, I thanked our ABBA for stuffing my heart and life fuller than I had stuffed my stomach that day.  I smiled thinking about how full I was, yet going back for more food.  Because it was so good.  Because it was a meal not eaten every day.

I thank our ABBA for giving me daily the good meal of His family love.  I thank our ABBA for continually blessing me in all my moments and not few and far between. 

I thank our ABBA for filling my life and heart with Himself and so many others. 
Me. Full of Thanksgiving.

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