Saturday, May 20, 2017

"He Brings Back" - 05/20/17 - Jeremiah 23-25

"I'll take over and gather what's left of My sheep, gather them in from all the lands where I've driven them. I'll bring them back where they belong, and they'll recover and flourish." (23:3)

 It is often at the end of the planting season I will find them.  Sitting back in a corner on a cart or shelf, shriveled up from lack of water, sitting in the full sun when semi-shade was what the label called for. Upon closer inspection, I can often see there are small, new leaves as the plants are struggling to survive. Usually 75% off or more is the value placed on these castoffs. If not purchased, they will then go into the dump.

Many I have brought  home and spent most of  my free daylight hours planting these castoffs, after watering them for a week trying to get them a little stronger in their pots before setting them into the ground. Throughout the years I am able to see many of the castoffs have become part of the landscape vision He has given me for across our drive and other garden areas. This spring tells me only a few have bit the dust and those that have survived have produced new volunteer plants.  Blooms are abounding from these castoff plants.

 I can still feel how this effort has taken a toil on my body! Sore is an understatement as muscles I hadn't used for awhile scream out in protest. Thankfully, I am able to even smile as I find a need to readjust how I bend - or not bend - due to the knees when planting. More than once I send up a prayer for some of the energy, flexibility, and stamina I once had. To be able to put into a days work all I used to be able to. And to work until the sun went down.  There are most nights I am watching the sun sink down over the hill from my couch - showered and ready for bed.

Planting "castoffs" continually reminds me of how He has taken and transplanted us into His care. He takes our shriveled up soul and now it is flourishing.

  What the world deemed as having no value, no worth, He gave His only Son to save.

Our pains are nothing compared to the pains He endured to make sure we would be firmly planted in an everlasting way to continually bloom for Him.

  Working in His nature is one of my favorite ways to spend time.
 It constantly reminds and draws me closer to Him.

 It is my praying, therapy, cleansing, growing time.

 No longer a castoff, I am so thankful and blessed to be a woman after His own heart.
I smile when seeing the chapter and verse 24:7.  A reminder of our Hope 24/7.

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