Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Highway To Heaven" - 05/30/17 - Ezekiel 1-3

"Son of man, eat this book that I am giving you. Make a full meal of it!" So I ate it. It tasted so good - just like honey. (3:3)

What is you passion? What causes your heart to skip a beat, energize you, is on your mind more often than not? What is it that causes you to find yourself constantly thinking about your ABBA?

For me - it is being in and sharing His Word.

It wasn't always this way though. I used to find His Word - aka The Bible - so boring. Wondering as my eyes fell over the scriptures, however did this relate or apply to my life? More often than not, I was skim reading - rather than searching for buried treasure.

In 1998, for reasons I can not remember, I committed to God that I would read through The Bible every year I was able, until I die. And so far, I have.

The first few years, I wasn't reading every day. One year I read the whole New Testament on New Year's Eve. There were many days I would let it sit and then pick it up for some cram skimming. It was more about "reading through" instead of "reading deep". 

 And then, He began to transform my heart. His Word is so powerful. So alive.  Even one verse a day has the power to transform your heart as you take it in and chew on it.  It sinks in and spreads throughout you - much like honey. Sticky as it covers over everything and so good for you.

I found myself yearning to meet with Him every morning. I was excited to open up my Bible and begin to search what verses He would use to speak to me. I started to insert my name throughout the scriptures, putting in dates and little notes for what was happening. I began to personalize my Bible.
It has become my own Personal Love Letter from my ABBA.

  "Son of man, get all these words that I'm giving you inside you. Listen to them obediently. Make them your own. And now go. Go to the exiles, your people, and speak. Tell them, 'This is The Message of God, The Master.' Speak your piece, whether they listen or not." Then The Spirit picked me up. (3:10-12)

"But then when the time is ripe, I'll free your tongue and you'll say, 'This is what God, The Master, says: . . .' From then on it's up to them. They can listen or not listen, whichever they like. (3:27)

And now, His Word is bubbling up within me. I'm not your preacher on the corner with the bullhorn, but I can not contain Him inside. The Holy Spirit prompts me and at times His Words spill right on out, leaving me in awe of how our ABBA is able to use me.

 Billy Graham upon being asked if he believed all of the Bible, responded with, "If it said Jonah swallowed the whale, I would believe it."  I too have come to this point - His Word has become my essence.  I now find whatever happens in my life, wherever my eyes rest upon, my brain and heart constantly come back to  thinking upon Him. Through His Word I am promised the gift of Wisdom and discernment.  I am promised I will know His voice.  When comparing the "me" I once was to whom I am growing into - much wiser choices.

Through this heart transformation, He has led me to desire for everyone to experience the results of consuming and having their hearts transformed by His Word.
His Words - my passion. my love. my delight.
Our own personal Love Letter from our ABBA.
Our roadmap to Him.

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