Wednesday, May 03, 2017

"The Hope" - 05/03/17 - Isaiah 18-22

Go, swift messengers,
    go to this people tall and handsome,
This people held in respect everywhere,
    this people mighty and merciless,
    from the land crisscrossed with rivers.

It is a day full of mixed emotions.  I woke up this am around 5 and realized it was 29 years ago about that same time I was preparing to go into the hospital for a scheduled C-section.  29 years ago our ABBA added to our family Nichalas Tanner Holtschlag. 

I also realized it was the first time in 29 years I wouldn't be able to say "Happy Birthday" to him, or hear his voice.

It didn't take away from the fact how happy I am he and Amber are on this adventure of conquering the Pacific Crest Trail, but my heart does ache at times knowing it will be another seven months before we see each other face to face, God willing. 

As I began to read His Word, the above verses jumped out at me.  Our Nichalas is 6'5" and Amber is 6'.  I thought about how they are in a land crisscrossed with rivers.  How they are being used as His Warriors to all they meet on the trail.  How our ABBA is with them each and every step.  

They are His messengers of His Word.

While working later this morning, I received a call and learned of some very sad news.  News that is causing a hurt down deep within my heart for ones I am head over heels in love with.   I have been and will continue to pray for them.  For His Hand to be felt and seen. 

As I went along watching the grass quickly passing beneath  the mower deck, the rain began to fall in a soft drizzle.  The sky was overcast and gray.  I couldn't help but think our ABBA was covering me with tears from Heaven as they intermingled with mine running down my cheeks. 

The Holy Spirit brought me comfort as He placed into my mind:

"May The God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you Trust I Him, so that you may overflow with Hope by The Power of The Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13)

Our hope lays "In" Him.

No matter the pain, the sorrow, we have The Hope.  As this day marking the birth of our Nichalas is one filled with joy filled memories, there are those filled with sorrows as well.  As long as we live on this earth, we will experience a gauntlet of bittersweet moments.  It is only because of our ABBA are we able to look past the sorrows and see His Sonshine breaking through the clouds and drying the tears from Heaven. 

I know my life would not have this Hope were it not for His Messengers who came before me.  Those who sacrificed so much, at times their lives, so we may have access to His Word.  His own personal Love Letter to each one of us.  These persons whom I know have helped me to be where I am today "in" Him. 

I pray He will continue to use each one of us as His Messengers.  There are so many walking through this world not knowing of Him intimately.  We need to be His Messengers, so all may know and read of His True Love.  So all may know The Hope. 

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