Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Lifeline To Our ABBA" - 05/24/17 - Jeremiah 35-37

"Pray for us - pray hard! - to the Master, our God." (37:3)

 There are times when we are so not able to do anything - other than pray. When our words ring out hollow. When our actions aren't enough. When we can't be the one to "fix it", protect, or keep safe. There are times when the evil in this world rears up its ugly head and we realize just how very small we are. When it is just "us".

There aren't any contest regarding who says the best prayer.  All our ABBA wants and desires is for us to share our hearts with Him.  Even when we are unsure of the words to use.  The Holy Spirit within us knows. He leads us to lift up others to Him. 
I rejoice in hearing of those being baptized, I may not know each one personally, but I pray for the new members of His Family. I pray The Holy Spirit will continue to grow and lead them. I pray they will take His lead.  I pray for their passion and love for God to only grow deeper and stronger roots. I pray for their Faith in Christ to remain firmly implanted within their heart and shine out for others to see and desire for themselves. I pray for His hedge of protection to be about them, their families and friends. satan is on the warpath - angry as all get out and he will be - without doubt - attacking any which way there is.
I mourn for those who are in pain.  I may not know each one personally whom I hear of, but I pray for them.  I stand in awe of those whose eyes are never torn from ABBA - no matter the pains they are enduring.  Their faith, their putting their hearts into His care.

There is such power as we bathe one another in prayer. It is through and with His Family we are growing in Him. We learn and see so much of His Word come alive as "we" do battle - together.  I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of this treasure. I couldn't imagine life without His Family. It is through ABBA and His Family we are able to rise up above the ugly head of satan. For "in" Him - "we" are bigger. " we" are stronger. And yes, "we" are on the winning side.

So many are celebrating, hurting, struggling, looking.
So many I can not live day to day life with, but I am able to pray for.
Prayer - it is our "lifeline" to and from our ABBA.
 He is continually reminding us not to lose heart. "Pray for us - pray hard! - to the Master, our God."

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