Monday, December 22, 2014

"Blessed to Overflowing" - 12/22/14 - Hebrews 7-10

"In acts of blessing, the lesser is blessed by the greater."(7:7)

It happened this morning.  It hasn't happened for far too many days.  or weeks. or months.

My first waking thoughts were in thanksgiving to ABBA.  Thanksgiving for the blessing of my complete family asleep in our home.

With the arrival yesterday of Nichalas and Amber, my heart is overflowing with blessings.  There isn't anything material to top the blessing of watching each of them interact with each other.  The joy that can't be contained in being together after almost six months. 

Even now, my heart will catch in my throat at all the time that has passed in our not seeing each other.  My eyes tear up knowing, even though I pray for time to slow down to a crawl, the next 14 days will go by in a blur. Knowing at the end of the blur, another year will begin where we won't be together much more than a few weeks here and there. 

ABBA knows me well.  He knows my heart is fullest when physically sharing life together with my family of five.  He knows I desire these times to be centered about and in Him, growing us to be more like Him, helping us to lead more to Him.  He knows these times are my "filling up" place, in order to weather the storms coming up where the world or satan will attack.

He is giving me a "Taste of Heaven".  Forever I am grateful.  He knows my heart and what it needs. 

Blessed I am by The Great "I AM".

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