Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Those Times" - 12/21/14 - Hebrews 1-6

"Why, they've re-crucified Jesus!"(6:6)

The times I beat myself up.  When I don't forgive "me".  When I don't accept His Mercy and Grace.  When I doubt and believe I am not ready.  not good enough.  not.

The times when I hold onto bitterness.  vengeful way of thinking.  unforgiveness. 

The times when I walk my walk and not His.

I am actually saying His death on The Cross wasn't enough. 

I am throwing the gift of Salvation back into His face. 

Each and every time I sin. 

And still.

Still.  He welcomes me with open arms.  The Holy Spirit transforming my heart, kneading into it more of Him.  Christ continually covers me. 

What a Savior.   The gift that keeps on giving.  Even when I sin. 

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