Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"No Games" - 12/23/14 - Hebrews 11-13

"For Jesus doesn't change - yesterday, today, tomorrow, He's always totally Himself."(13:8)

Peace.  Comfort.  Joy.

Knowing our Savior doesn't play games of cat and mouse with us.  Knowing our ABBA shoots straight from the hip, telling us like it is.  Knowing The Holy Spirit is there to knead into our hearts more of Him, like yeast, penetrating into the very core of "us", so we may become more like Him.  Knowing when digging into His Word, it is our trustworthy, up-to-date map for our journey Home. 

Knowing we are desired to be known, to be ourselves, in an intimate relationship with ABBA. 

So thankful. 

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