Monday, October 05, 2015

"Come Along" - 10/05/15 - Mark 2

"Jesus said, "Come along with me." He came."(2:14)

You know, that request wasn't just for Levi. or His other disciples.  or all those we read about in His Word.  All the others who are part of our lineage in Him.  Who came.

That request has been handed down from our ABBA since the beginning with Adam and Eve.

There in the garden all was as He meant it to be.  Until they decided not to "come along".  Instead, going their own way - thus bringing death into the world and the need for our Savior.

Today, He is still asking, "Come along with me." 

It is "you" He desires.  Not the perfect "you", the one who "will get it all together and then follow". 
It is "you".  As "you" are.  It is when "you" are His the transformation begins.

It is "you".

Just as He did with them, all He wants is for all of "us" to "Come along with Him".

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