Monday, October 12, 2015

"He Knew I Needed" - 10/12/15 - Matthew 13, Luke 8

"But He answered and said to them, “My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.”(Luke 8:21)

We have entered into a different season in our lives.  One that includes the gift of little ones.  We arrived home after church yesterday to the gift of Adam and Ashley fixing us lunch.  Three little ones were playing with Adam and Nichalas' toys from yesteryear, which Adam had brought up out of storage.  It was wonderful seeing things through the eyes of these precious gifts.  Refreshing newness swept throughout our home and the grounds surrounding it.  Acorns became balls.  Trees became a place for future tire swings and a tree house.  Zip lines were imagined here and there.  Plans for trails in the woods for future adventures.  Prayer time around the table before eating were music to the ears in the sounds of the little voices speaking from their hearts. 

The silence in the home after they left was broken by phone conversations and a surprise visit from other family.  Deep down within my heart I was wishing for Nichalas and Amber to be a part of this day and all days.  Knowing it is only in Heaven we will be completely content. 

Throughout the day yesterday, I kept smiling.  Quickly realizing from the start,  it was to be a day of "visiting" He had set up for me.  Every time I turned about, He had my "family" surrounding me.  I am thinking He knew I needed such a day as I am really struggling in missing Nichalas and Amber.  Our lives are filled with many moments of sharing with friends and family through different events, causing me to miss them even more.  I am struggling knowing three months have passed since seeing them and another three will have to pass before they are back for Christmas..  I am struggling with the deep down heart pain and keeping tears from spilling from my eyes on a regular basis.  Simple fact.  I miss these two parts of my heart.  So  I welcome the gifts of bright eyes, hugs, kisses, messages online and through the phone, heart to heart conversations.  I welcome the gifts of Love through others from Him.

I love seeing through my minds eye today, and in the days ahead, moments from yesterdays.  Bits of treasure to take out and enjoy for those days when "visiting hours" are over.  I love seeing our ABBA everywhere I look.  Knowing He is here, within, outside, omnipresent.  I love seeing people, this world, through His eyes.  Seeing the blessings in every single portion of life. 

 I love feasting my vision on His everlasting banquet.

I love hearing His Voice.  Knowing without doubt it is my ABBA.  I love hearing Him speak to me through His Word, through His Spirit, through His people.  I love how He is all knowing, in total control, God.

I love He designed me to share intimacy in Him through others. 
Filling my heart with the innumerable treasures of them. 


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