Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Eyes Wide Open" - 10/22/15 - John 9:1-10:21

"Walking down the street, Jesus saw"(9:1)

It's hard to know how many steps I have taken during my life.  It's even harder to know, or accept, how many times I walked without seeing.  without looking.  without knowing.  How many steps I walked and missed out on.  Just kept walking right on by.

I'm talking about God moments. 

Those times in your life when He places events, trials, tribulations, joys, sorrows, things, and people.  Particularly people.

How many times have I walked and it wasn't until looking back and reflecting that I was able to see Him at work.  How many times when I receive a note, a message, words from someone, telling me what an impact I have had on their lives for Him.  How often I sit back in amazement because I didn't have a clue He was using me then. 

I didn't have a clue because I was walking and not seeing anything except "me".
My focus was all about "me".  I was so wrapped up in "self" and yet He still used me. 

Isn't He just totally Amazing!

His Words, "Walking down the street, Jesus saw", hit me right smack in the face.  Sometimes He uses any method to get my full attention.

He "saw" not only the blind man.  He "saw" you.  and He "saw" me. 

Here is our Savior. 
Our Savior who knew He was on the uphill climb towards The Cross standing  ahead of Him, and yet He was taking time away from Himself and "saw". 
He never in His walk acted as the martyr and He had ever right to. 
He did after all die for all of our sins. 
He was/is the ultimate sacrifice. 
He never in His walk asked others to feel sorry for Him. 
He shot straight from the hip, he laid the facts out and it was their choice to accept them. 
Just as it is our free will to accept Him too. 

So, with this day before me, I wonder. 
We three will be mowing and I am wondering what He will place before us in our walk. 
I am wondering if I will look back on my day and see all He wanted me to see. 
How will I be as His Warrior in all the things I will say, do, think. 

Each day I am praying I will hear His Voice say, "My Beloved, you saw". 

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