Thursday, May 05, 2016

"He Knows" - 05/05/16 - - 2 Samuel 7, 1 Chronicles 17

"You know me, Master God, just as I am." (2 Samuel 7:20)

There are times I pretend to be someone I am not.  When I lift up flowery, repetitive words, and all ABBA desires is raw, nakedness from within our hearts.  How often do I go before Him and think He needs to be bowing before me, preforming my will, demanding, commanding and then going off in a snit when He doesn't respond as I think He should.

The audacity of it all.  
He is The creator of all.  He is The Lord of Lord.  King of Kings. 
And yet, there are times I struggle, living life as though I am above Him. 
We all have this struggle.
 It is a battle which comes with being human.  As far back as Adam and Eve, it has and will always be until the end of our time, or His return, the battle of "self" versus "God". 
We choose whom to place before all to worship and serve.
ABBA or "us".

How satan wants us to look at ourselves through our own eyes and not on our hope.  he wants us to forget when "in" Christ, we are covered through and through with His Blood.  His Grace.  His Mercy. 

It is only through Christ that our ABBA can see us as Holy.  And only "through Christ" are we able to be with Him.  Our ABBA can not be a part of sin.  This is why Christ is needed.
The time when I am in the shower is my best time to converse with my ABBA.  It amazes me how unaware I am of being naked before Him.  (Even though being naked in front of anyone sends me to nightmare city.)  Standing under the water is a reminder of how I am covered in and through Christ.  In my nakedness, He clothes me and I am able to stand before Him without shame.  Without pretense.  In confidence. 

Only because of Christ, my Savior, I am able to be with my ABBA in total freedom. 
All that I am is already known.  From Him, nothing can be hidden.  Slowly, but surely, I am learning it is only because of my forgiveness "through Christ" that I am able to experience being totally myself before Him and still He loves me so - regardless of my sins. 

He knows and sees me through Christ totally naked, "just as I am". 
As "His Beloved" - fearfully and wonderfully made.

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