Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"God's Morning Beautiful" - 09/28/16 - Luke 1, John 1:1-14

Good morning! You're beautiful with God's beauty, Beautiful inside and out! God be with you.
(Luke 1:28)

How easy it is to compare.  To watch TV, look at pictures in a magazine, online, look at other persons. 
How easy it is to compare and most times.  'We' come up short.  Very short.

For some time, He has been convicting me of the way I speak of  and to my 'self'. 

Not only to Him and others, but also in my own thoughts, when referring to 'me'.

The way I instantly cut my 'self'  down when looking at photos, my reflection. He is listening to every word and thought I have.  And most of them, in reference to 'me', are very unkind and critical without a drop of grace and mercy. 
I am my worst critic.  I would never dream of speaking to another as I do to  or about 'me'.   He has opened my eyes to how often I take the blessings He gives 'me' through the words of others and dash it to the ground because I don't see my 'self' as He and others do. 

How often are all of us harder on our 'self' than anyone else?  How often do we choose to view 'me' through the distorted lens of self, basing our standards on the world's view?
Each and every time we are tearing apart 'me', is actually an attack on God and others.
For my 'self', with Curt I am saying he doesn't have very good taste when it comes to whom he is sharing his heart with.  Every time I tear my 'self' down in regard to my role as a mom, mom-in-law, grandma, family, friend, I am saying those who hold 'me' dear haven't very good judgment.  I am saying their words of love, praise, compliments, are lies.   I am saying they aren't very good managers of time when thinking there are better ways to invest than in 'me'.  When I see the delight in ones eyes upon seeing 'me', I immediately wonder why ever do they desire to be with 'me' and in a sense reject their greeting.

What I am doing to those ABBA has placed into my life is on such a small scale to what I am doing to my ABBA. 

He created 'me'.   'I' am made in His image.
When we accept Christ as our Savior.  When The Holy Spirit lives within 'us'. 
'We' are nothing more than beautiful and holy in His sight. 
 'We' are stunningly, breathtakingly, beautiful from the inside out. 

Through His family, He has surrounded 'us' by so many who see 'us"' as He does, and often 'we' are being a hypocrite. Why is it so easy to see others as beautiful and not our 'selves'? Why is it so easy to encourage others in seeing their 'self' as He does, and not take our own encouragement? Why is it so easy to believe His Word applies to others and so hard when applying it to our 'self'? 
When He says many times throughout His Word,
'You'. Are. Beautiful." 'we' usually bend down and pick up doubt.    
Why is it so hard to believe when others say 'we' are beautiful? 

"Good morning! 'You're' beautiful with God's beauty, Beautiful inside and out! God be with 'you'."
These were the first words spoken to Mary from God through Gabriel.  Our ABBA didn't have to say these words, but He knew what was coming.  He knew this young teen child/woman would be coming up on some serious moments of self doubt.  Of criticism from others and probably her 'self'.  He knew there were moments ahead when the world would look at her as 'ugly'.  When the world could come in and stone her for being pregnant out of wedlock.  He knew there were moments when she would look at her 'self' as ugly.  He knew she needed to know, to hear, to focus on His Truth.

Just as our ABBA has placed each and every word in His Word,  He knows at all times we need to pull it from within our hearts and cover our 'self'  in it.  He knows the road we walk through this world will bring on many attacks.  He knows how essential it is we use His measuring standards and not our own or the ever-changing one of the world. 

He knows each and every second we need to stand firm, hearing, knowing and believing when He says,

"Good morning! 'You're' beautiful with God's beauty, Beautiful inside and out! God be with 'you'."

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