Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Ready To Go?" - 09/22/16 - Ezra 7-10

"My God was on my side and I was ready to go"(7:28)
This coming Saturday is the city wide cleanup day.  A day when our trucks and trailers will be used by family to load up their "stuff" so it may be hauled to the dump.  This is also a growing day for me. 
I have a problem of becoming sentimentally attached to things.  Of allowing my worth to be caught up in my "stuff".    I have a problem of saving things for a "just in case" time.  It sometimes seems I was raised during The Depression.  It pains me to see what others are throwing away, when many things could still be used by another.   The old saying, "someone else's junks is someone else's treasure", holds dear to me.

 Thankfully, the older I am becoming, the less "stuff" I desire to have around me.  It used to be where I had our walls, surfaces, displaying different items, now there is a lot of bare space.  During the winter down months, I like to go through, organizing the home, ridding it of even more "stuff".  "Stuff" I don't use or no longer want to take care of. 
ABBA has transformed our hearts to ridding our lives of debt, rather than accumulating it by buying more "stuff".  We utilize our original 1977 kitchen with its beautiful avocado green stove and all.  It would be so easy to transform it into a 2015,  but we want to get the home paid off before that takes place.  And mostly, any remodeling is to up the value of the home for the day when we have to move and sell.  I try to have the office work up-to-date, as well as all other areas in our life.  
Not there completely, but closer than I used to be.

I am striving to live as though I will be taken "Home" at any time. 

It is my goal to have the home/business side of things taken care of, so if I do go first, Curt, Adam and Ashley, Nichalas and Amber, are able to focus on each other, not wading through mountains of "stuff".  In His way of  changing my way of living, He  has given me such a freedom.  There isn't the heavy weight of "stuff" pulling me down, occupying my time, keeping me from being "at the ready".

There are still times I pick up things of the world and try to insert it into a nook or cranny, thinking it won't matter.  But before I know it, it has expanded and overflowed into other areas of my heart.  He is having me see through His eyes, the things of this world can not take up residency as a god within a heart of Him.  He is also opening my eyes to see the "bargains" of this world aren't the "great deal" after all. 

They end up costing more than you can imagine. 

There is a show I enjoy, "Tiny House Nation".  If we didn't use our home for ABBA through hosting Bible studies, having persons stay with us when they need to, or the business, this way of living very much appeals to me (Curt though - not at all lol).  It amazes me when seeing a tiny home completed, how much they have incorporated into them.  Everything is in its place, multipurpose, and easily packed up and ready to go. 
This is how I want my heart and my life to be.  He is growing me to the place where my heart is much like the homes in "Tiny House Nation".  To have my worth and value in being "whose" I am.  Not the "stuff". 

The gifts and talents He has blessed me with - to be used for Him.  To be at the ready, to get out of my comfort zone and go out to where He leads me.  Needs me to be.  Go.  Do. 
To carry only what ABBA wants me to have.  To only be full of Him. 

I desire my "tiny heart" will be "huge in Him". 
For Him. 
At the ready. 
"Ready to go." Always.


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