Saturday, September 10, 2016

"My Bestest" - 09/09/16 - Ezekiel 44-45

Serve from your best and your home will be blessed.(44:30)

I used to think Adam and Nichalas were my best from everything I have ever produced.

They aren't.

It isn't that they aren't my best, it is that they are not mine.

Just like everything else in my life.

I am blessed in being whom He appointed to be a steward for whatever and whomever is in my life. 
But.  I. am. not. the. owner.

He is.

Yet, how often do I hold back the "best" of things and offer up to ABBA my seconds? 
Holding on to satisfy my selfishness, to fulfill my self-worth, to feel security? 

In serving Him up the "seconds", I am not fooling Him at all. 
It isn't that He needs my "best", He instructs us to give to Him the "best" for a reason.

If we don't - if we don't give Him the "best" - the "best" becomes our gods.

I used to get my worth and satisfaction, my love fill if you want to call it that, from Adam and Nichalas.  By placing them first in my life, I was not only placing ABBA further down the list, but also Curt.  I was also placing a huge burden on Adam and Nichalas.  There isn't another human  (or thing) who is able to fill our God-void. 

Only He can.
Sure, I still wrestle with placing security, my worth, in things of this world, but it isn't the battle it once was. I find more and more I want less and less of things - of stuff - to fill my life. I love being with Adam, Ashley, Nichalas, Amber, Charlie and Ella, but have now put Curt above them. 
And above Curt? Is my ABBA.
He has helped me put the order of life in line with Him.
He is better than the "best". He is my "Bestest".
So blessed am I.

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