Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"You" Are" - 09/20/16 - Esther 1-5

"Perhaps this is the moment for which "you" were created."(4:14)

We were in Branson with my cousin and his wife for the weekend and in a shop, P. Graham Dunn, that carries Christian products.  I found being there so soothing for my soul.  Bringing joy.  All of the products for sale had a scripture on it. 

There was one on display, which is now on our living room wall, that had the above verse on it.  This verse has been running through my mind as I continue in my walk. 

Isn't is something as a child of ABBA, "you" are royalty.  

"You" are either a prince or a princess.  No frogs in His court either.

Each one of us is His Masterpiece.  Made in His image.  Created for His pleasure whom He desires to be with - always. 

Think about it - "YOU" are royalty.

No matter what your earthly position or status is, "YOU" are a member of His Royal Family. 

So, how do "you" utilize your title?

Is it for the service of self or for your ABBA?  Are "you" all about introducing everyone you meet to your ABBA for adoption, or have "you" set yourself apart from those who "don't belong"?  Do "you" see each meeting with someone as an opportunity to share the unique gift of His family?  Or do "you" pick and choose whom "you" deem is worthy of this position?

Fact is, none of us, not one, is worthy to be called His Child.  We only deserve Hell. 

It is only because of The Sacrifice of our Savior all - not just some - have free will to become His and have an intimate relationship with our ABBA.  "

With that relationship comes the responsibility of becoming more and more like our Christ with each step we take.  Christ didn't shun people, He welcomed them into His life, His heart, His way. 

Do "you" realize "you" were made "royalty" for such a time as this"?    How exciting is that!   

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