Saturday, September 03, 2016

"Our Shepherd" - 09/03/16 - Ezekiel 32-34

"And when a wicked person turns away from his wicked life and starts living a just and righteous life, he'll come alive."(33:19)
I am this wicked person.

It is only because of His Grace and Mercy I no longer am lost and now walk "in" Him.
It is only because He came after me, found me, kept me - as His.

"And when a wicked person turns away from his wicked life and starts living a just and righteous life, he'll come alive."

"she'll come alive!!"

This verse He has given me today just keeps spilling over in my heart.

I have come ALIVE!!!

 And what a wonderful day to enjoy being ALIVE!! Even though I am not perfect.  Even though my life isn't perfect.  Even though I live in a world that isn't perfect. 

  I am able ...
to see His Beauty every where I look about me.

Every where.

  The blue, blue sky, hear the locusts buzzing in worship. Looking at the needles on the pine tree and how they glisten in His sunshine. Much like we shine, glisten, reflect, His Sonshine in the dark world. Isn't it Awesome this beautiful nature He created - just for our delight. 

 So thankful to be ALIVE "in" Him and see it through His eyes. What an ABBA!!!

"'God, The Master, says:
From now on,
I myself
 am The Shepherd.
I'm going looking for them. 
As shepherds go after their flocks when they get scattered,
I'm going after My sheep.
I'll rescue them
from all the places they've been scattered to in the storms. 
  I'll bring them back
from foreign peoples,
gather them
from foreign countries,
and bring them back to their home country.
I'll feed them on the mountains of Israel, along the streams, among their own people.  
I'll lead them into lush pasture so they can roam the mountain pastures of Israel, graze at leisure, feed in the rich pastures on the mountains of Israel. 
 And I Myself
will be the shepherd of my sheep.
I Myself
will make sure they get plenty of rest. 
I'll go after the lost,
I'll collect the strays,
I'll doctor the injured,
I'll build up the weak ones and oversee the strong ones so they're not exploited. 
"'And as for you, My dear flock,
I'm stepping in and judging between one sheep and another, between rams and goats. 
Aren't you satisfied to feed in good pasture without taking over the whole place?
Can't you be satisfied to drink from the clear stream without muddying the water with your feet? Why do the rest of My sheep have to make do with grass that's trampled down and water that's been muddied? 
"'Therefore, God, The Master, says:
I Myself
am stepping in and making things right between the plump sheep and the skinny sheep. 
Because you forced your way with shoulder and rump and butted at all the weaker animals with your horns till you scattered them all over the hills, 
I'll come in and save My dear flock,
no longer let them be pushed around.
I'll step in
and set things right between one sheep and another. 
"'I'll appoint One Shepherd over them all: My servant David.
He'll feed them.
He'll be their Shepherd. 
And I, God, will be their God.
My Servant David will be their prince.
I, God, have spoken. "
'I'll make a covenant of peace with them.
I'll banish fierce animals from the country so the sheep can live safely in the wilderness and sleep in the forest. 
I'll make them and everything around My hill a blessing.
I'll send down plenty of rain in season - showers of blessing! 
The trees in the orchards will bear fruit, the ground will produce, they'll feel content and safe on their land,
and they'll realize that I AM GOD
when I break them out of their slavery and rescue them from their slave masters. "
'No longer will they be exploited by outsiders and ravaged by fierce beasts.
They'll live safe and sound,
fearless and free. 
I'll give them rich gardens, lavish in vegetables -
no more living half-starved, no longer taunted by outsiders. 
"'They'll know, beyond doubting,
that I, God, AM their God,
that I AM with them
and that they, the people Israel,
are My people.
Decree of God, The Master: 
are My dear flock,
the flock of My pasture,
My human flock,
And I AM your God.
Decree of God, The Master.'"(34:11-31)

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