Friday, August 11, 2017

"His Grace Rescues" - 08/11/17 - Job 21-23

"Yes, even the guilty will escape, escape through God's grace in your life." (22:30)

 The memory crept in from out of nowhere.  Came right in and filled the space behind my closed eyes as I knelt in prayer before Him.  A memory of a past sin I have confessed, repented of. 

satan is always standing there, at the ready, holding up the robe of shame and doubt.  It gives him such pleasure when we reach out for it, and proceed to put it upon our shoulders.  (Thankfully our ABBA is helping me to resist doing this more often than not.)

Our ABBA constantly reminds us in His Word that through Christ:
We are His chosen one. 
His Prince or princess. 
We are His. 

It knocks the wind out of me, my stomach churns, tears can not be contained when I allow myself to think about "what if".  What if He had not of been there to intercede?  What if He had not of been in complete control?  What if He had of given up on me? 

Looking back I can plainly see, my journey would  have not placed me here today. 

Through the memories I see the ugly mask of sin I was wearing. 
And still. 
He reached out through all the ugliness and filth to touch me.  To rescue me.  To claim me as His own. 

He Loved me in my ugliest.
He Loved all of us in our ugliest.
An unconditional, never-ending Love.

We are guilty of so much, yet He freed us from paying the cost of our sins once and for all through The Gift of our Savior. 
There is no greater Love.

Just as we are to Love others.  and our "self".  To look past the mask of sin.  the filth.  the ugliness of sin.  To look past and love as He loves.  To see we are all made in the image of Him. 

I am not the only one the gift of grace is extended to.  Each of us are a vessel He will use to let others see how His Grace rescues.  Each of us are one He will shine through to Love as He Loves. 

If we choose to let Him.

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