Wednesday, August 02, 2017

"Taking to Heart" - 08/02/17 - Proverbs 22-23

"Listen carefully to My Wisdom; take to heart what I can teach you.
You'll treasure Its sweetness deep within; (22:17)

Walking out to the truck yesterday morning to start my day, I was able to hear His Voice in His nature.  In the predawn hours, I could hear the mournful call of the doves drift in and out amongst the sound of the other birds singing their welcome to this new day.  The tree frogs are singing in joy, defying their tiny size with their loud chorus.  His cool, refreshing breeze came in and touched my senses.  How I love the clean smell of Him. 
 I receive the peace and joy in the gift of His Word in the early morning hours.  The world still in slumber as the sun rises up overhead to begin another new and beautiful day.  How His nature rejoices.  How my heart opens up and receives - Him. 
From the sunrise to the sunset yesterday I was driving the tractor cutting down the grasses growing in ditches or meadow areas.  The blue sky overhead kept taking my breath away as huge, white clouds raced across the expanse.  It was a perfect day for cloud watching, but I had to be satisfied with a quick glance. 

The woods surrounding the meadow captured the last rays of His sunshine.  Patches of light made their way into the depths of the forest, outlining the trees that usually stood in darkness.  All about me He showed off His greatness.  His Awesomeness.  His strength.  How mighty He is. How He so blesses my days.
Alone, without distraction, I was able to listen and talk with our ABBA as I worked.  Lifting up those whom He brought to my mind. 
His Word ran through my heart and mind.  
"Treasuring His sweetness deep within".

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