Friday, April 22, 2005

Diet results - one month

Yesterday, I was weedeating. It was towards the end of the day. My clothes are covered with grass, my hair is all fuzzy from the humidity, my face is splattered with mud and grass - yes, I am looking quite good.

A man who was unloading a semi, came walking by smiled, waved and said something. I stopped and said I couldn't hear him. He said, "You look like one hard working woman."

Then he did the Hulk flex.

I thought to myself, " Never had that happen before. Yes sir, I must be looking pretty toned. What a weirdo".

That morning I had discovered that I have lost only 3lbs in one month.

At this rate Loretta, my missing person will never leave me.

1 comment:

ret said...

3 lbs. ahead of me. I'm thinking I have a butt made for blogging. Why fight nature ;)

I know...I'll get serious soon...