Thursday, April 28, 2005

The real meal deal

Yesterday, I attended Ladies Day at Lincoln Christian College with my mom and two aunts. They had a pretty good sack lunch, but the real meat came from two of the speakers. Liz Curtis Higgs - Unveiling Mary Magdalene and Rebecca Manley Pippert - Sharing the Story - By Way of the Cross. Wow. Talk about getting more than you paid for. This day isn't about 2000+ women getting together and learning crafts, or sitting around talking about others. It is a day filled with being served with the main course - His Word. If ever you are able to hear either of these women - GO.

I was "chewing" on the things I learned yesterday and I realized there is so much to do for Him and so little time. Rebecca started Salt Shaker Ministries. She also starts Bible Studies for the unchurched. Now isn't that a concept? To actually ask someone who isn't into church, or God and ask them if they want to study the Bible and learn about Jesus. She has never had anyone say no. God has been putting ideas and people into my thoughts........

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ret said...

Awesome. Very cool you could share that with your mom and aunts as well. Let me know what thoughts you're stirring up :)