Sunday, April 03, 2005

Her Double D's

I have a question for fellow females (male also if you feel compelled to answer). Is it me or do you ever find yourself going from a casual conversation to one about sexual things, when talking to a man? Sometimes it is with friends and more often than not, a causal acquaintance.

Take for example. I am on a four year clients' lawn for the first time this year and he comes out to say hello. We are talking about the weather, the grass, the trees, the landscaping, etc. I ask him how his wife is doing, who had triple bypass last fall. He says pretty good, dealing with depression which is common after this surgery and struggling with her weight. He then tells me she outweighs him. I would KILL Curt for EVER revealing this fact - not that I do.

Anyway, he asks how my health is. I say pretty good, why? He replied that he noticed that I had put on some weight and just wondered. Okay, so I confessed that yes what he noticed was accurate, but I am trying to go the other way in the world of scales. He laughed and said that he was in trouble with his wife for noticing that a waitress at a restaurant they frequent had lost weight. I then get the info that his wife hasn't lost much weight except in her "Double D Department". What do you say to that???? He then asked if I remembered the man who was in their home doing interior work when I first started to take care of his lawn. Yes, I did. Well, it seems that they would stand at the window and comment on how I looked. "Back then we sure did like to watch you work". Another client came out to inform me that he bet all the guys hired me so they could watch my butt as I worked. He is no longer a client.

This conversation topic isn't just limited at my work. I don't bring it up, I don't encourage it to continue. It got me thinking that this has happened almost my whole life. So, I am wondering does this occur with you?

Isn't it nice to know though, that I do my best at my work and it goes unnoticed.


ret said...

1.Add their marriage to your prayer list. Wouldn't just call him anal...
2.You do have a cute butt. lol.

Anonymous said...
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