Friday, April 22, 2005

One thing that I love

My son, Nichalas, who is going to be 17 on May 3 is upstairs rearranging his furniture. He is playing his stereo full blast. That's okay with me. He has on a Tom Jones ALBUM. I like listening "Fly me to the Moon" that loud.

I wonder how many mom's yell at their kids to turn down their music and they're listening to Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, John Denver, Sticks, Earth Wind & Fire, Neil Diamond, etc.

What a neat kid. Good taste too.

1 comment:

ret said...

I've always loved hearing Shawna in the house too. I'm beginning to count down though...364 more days to pick up her shoes...363 more days to hear John leave too late...

Must admit though...not a big Tom Jones fan. To each his own :)